Holy Trinity, Hobart.

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Mon Jul 16 23:35:07 BST 2007

Holy Trinity, Hobart needs help. The historical ring of 8 bells,
Australia's oldest, are in danger of being lost. Although not rare (C &
G Mears, 1846) they are an important part of Tasmania's and Australia's
heritage. Please contact  John Smith at jasmad at NLY0bvMskpw3BTS07AmezqRgBubHmdwJZKgVh0oZxtCxQzT6ImFEm22NjAV7tS231zXIC3PTB3hKe90.yahoo.invalid
<mailto:jasmad at NLY0bvMskpw3BTS07AmezqRgBubHmdwJZKgVh0oZxtCxQzT6ImFEm22NjAV7tS231zXIC3PTB3hKe90.yahoo.invalid>  for further details and to offer support
in the campaign to save the bells, tower archives and optimistically the
church as well.

Maybe this is not strictly Bell History but I can't think of another
group with such an interest in preserving ringing heritage. I'm sure
Richard Offen will endorse this plea.

Phil Lucas

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