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I've just added West Overton.

Chris Pickford <c.j.pickford.t21 at aOCcAb3GkfEgSh8tsEetma9KtNUoNuvLqmK_Y4l9HGI5g-legQFhoewnhOIMWcqYlogNlk9nLseZ54bdOAuEc9EjXX2K45hJqg.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
            I've just entered details for Llandrillo yn Edeirnon. I'll also do Gwenddwr while I'm at it
  Worthwhile posting details of anything submitted, because multiple submissions against any one tower at about the same time complicate things for John. If you have anything to add on a tower that's been entered, best to wait until existing entry has been uploaded before trying to correct or expand
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> PS-What are the other 50 towers?

Braishfield, Hants, All Saints (M;GF), 3, 2½cwt in A. 
Brockhall, Nhants, SS Peter & Paul (M), 3, 3cwt. 
Chipstable, Som, All Saints (M), 6, 6-3-9 in Ab. 
Colinton, Loth, Scotland, S Cuthbert (M), 3, 3cwt in F. 
Culcheth (Newchurch), Ches, (unknown) (M;T), 8, 12-0-14 in G. 
Curry Mallet, Som, All Saints (M), 6, 10-3-1 in F#. 
Cutcombe, Som, S John Ev (M;GF), 6, 12½cwt in G. 
Ecchinswell, Hants, S Lawrence (M), 3, 7cwt in Bb. Tuning: 1-3 of 4.
Fleggburgh, Norf, S Margaret & S Mary (M), 3, 6-0-10. TG524044 
Great Eversden, Cambs, S Mary (M), 3, 0-0-0. Unringable. 
Gwenddwr, Powys, Wales, S Dubricius (M;GF), 3, 4cwt. Unringable. 
Hawkridge, Som, S Giles (M;GF), 6, 6cwt in B. 
Helsby, Ches, S Paul (M), 3, 0-0-0. 
Hornblotton, Som, S Peter (M;GF), 3, 6cwt in C. Anti-clockwise; 
King's Lynn, Norf, S Nicholas (M), 8, 19cwt in F. 
King's Worthy, Hants, S Mary (M), 5, 9-1-7 in A. 
Llandrillo yn Edeyrnion, Clwyd, Wales, S Trillo (M), 4, 5-0-2 in C. 
Lolworth, Cambs, All Saints (M;GF), 3, 5cwt in C. Ropes fall in a 
straight line; tuning: 1,1b,2 of 3. 
Luccombe, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 10cwt in F#. Wed 
Lympsham, Som, S Christopher (M), 6, 11-1-5 in F#. Tue (3rd) 
Lyng, Som, S Bartholomew (M;GF), 6, 15-3-9 in F. 
Lytham, Lancs, S Joseph, Ansdell (M), 8, 10-2-6 in G. 
Marham, Norf, Holy Trinity (M), 6, 12cwt in G. Unringable.
Nempnett Thrubwell, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 9cwt in G. 
North Curry, Som, SS Peter & Paul (M), 8, 17-2-15 in E. Fri (alt) 
Northover, Som, S Andrew (M), 3, 10cwt. One bell, or more, cracked; 
Northwold, Norf, S Andrew (M), 8, 14-3-20 in F. 
Outwood, Surrey, S John (M), 4, 4½cwt.
Porthmadog, Gwyn, Wales, S John Div (M), 8, 11-2-19 in G.
Runcton Holme, Norf, S James (M), 3, 7cwt in G. Unringable.
Selworthy, Som, All Saints (M;GF), 6, 12cwt in G.
Steep, Hants, All Saints (M), 6, 6-0-13 in Bb.
Steeple Gidding, Cambs, S Andrew (M), 3, 7cwt. Unringable.
Stradsett, Norf, S Mary (M), 3, 6cwt. Unringable. 
Tavistock, Devon, Mine Captain's Peal (M;GF), 3, 2-2-0 in F. Ropes 
fall in a straight line; tuning: 1,3,5 of 6.
Teffont Evias, Wilts, S Michael (M;GF), 3, 6cwt in D. Tuning: 1-3 of 
Timsbury, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 12cwt in G.
Trunch, Norf, S Botolph (M), 3, 9cwt. Unringable. 
Upwood, Cambs, S Peter (M;GF), 3, 8cwt in A. Anti-clockwise.
Weare, Som, S Gregory (M), 6, 15½cwt in F#. 
Weeting, Norf, S Mary (M), 3, 0-0-0. Round tower; unringable.
West Dereham, Norf, S Andrew (M;GF), 5, 7cwt. Round tower; 
West Meon, Hants, S John Ev (M), 8, 12-2-27 in F.
West Overton, Wilts, S Michael & All Angels (M), 6, 11-2-0 in G
Winsford, Som, S Mary Magd (M), 6, 12-0-0 in F#.
Winsham, Som, S Stephen (M;GF), 8, 13-2-11 in F. Rung from chancel. 
Woolton Hill, Hants, S Thomas (M;T), 6, 6-3-16 in C. 



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