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I have details for Lympsham, courtesy of Bob Parker. The tenor weight has
changed due to canon removal. Unfortunately, there is only an exact weight
for the tenor; Bob did not re-weigh the bells, only the canons etc removed,
and the bells are Whitechapel (1864 with a treble of 1878), so we only have
the old tenor weight courtesy of Dove. I do, however, have accurate
diameters, so will post them with calculated weights for the front five.


Andrew Bull





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While we're filling gaps with general information, I can offer:

*	Fleggburgh (3) - all M&S 1900
*	Portmadoc / Porthmadog (8) - all Warner, 1-2 1902 and the rest 1900

Can anyone help me - NBR related - with:

*	Elveden, Suffolk - weights and/or diameters for the M&S octave of
*	Great Finborough, Suffolk - mostly Taylor 1909 (as uploaded), but
one bell is old. Which and what is it?



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