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Wed Jul 18 23:15:41 BST 2007

> Chipstable, Som, All Saints (M), 6, 6-3-9 in Ab. 

Back five Taylor's 1861. Don't know who the treble is by. They were rehung
by Bob Parker some while back, so he may have details.

> Luccombe, Som, Blessed Virgin Mary (M), 6, 10cwt in F#. Wed (3rd,5th) 

Back five by William Evans of Chepstow 1759. WBF treble - 1930s as I recall.
Very nice six. Bob Parker weighed the tenor a few years back - it's 11-2-20.
Don't believe the others were weighed.

> Lyng, Som, S Bartholomew (M;GF), 6, 15-3-9 in F. 

A WBF restoration of the 1950s or 60s. The treble, 2nd and tenor are of that
date - others old. The former treble of five (Thomas Purdue, as I recall)
stands in the middle of the ringing circle. Another nice-sounding six.

> North Curry, Som, SS Peter & Paul (M), 8, 17-2-15 in E. Fri (alt) 

I believe they are a Thomas Mears eight with a couple of C20 WBF recasts -
can't give any concrete details, other than that they are fairly revolting.

> Selworthy, Som, All Saints (M;GF), 6, 12cwt in G.

Complete six by William Evans of Chepstow, 1757.


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