[Bell Historians] Andover

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at WdUMhuCBDZwDM5eqyvhCBqzn1WOqO1ak4yRbZFFrLDRACaJcRxaNMrajPLwoxIO4XeZ-rbw1VmaM2xZnvCx73Ue42w.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jul 20 19:50:17 BST 2007

> A WBF restoration of the 1950s or 60s. The treble, 2nd and tenor are of that
> date - others old. The former treble of five (Thomas Purdue, as I recall)
> stands in the middle of the ringing circle. Another nice-sounding six.

(Lyng):  George Purdue, actually.
>> North Curry, Som, SS Peter & Paul (M), 8, 17-2-15 in E. Fri (alt)
> I believe they are a Thomas Mears eight with a couple of C20 WBF recasts -
> can't give any concrete details, other than that they are fairly revolting.

Sorry, but I don't find this remark a concrete detail and I do find it
rather irritating.  Can we stick to facts, within reason?



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