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Sat Jul 21 09:21:49 BST 2007

"I would have thought cracked is a more likely reason, but, as Mr Dalton says, speculation is unhelpful and irritating."
Well, that's a bit rich coming from the person who periodically goes through phases of giving a running commentary on nearly every email which appears on this list :-)
Perhaps I should have made it clear that I also have copies of some letters between the church and the foundry. They recommended recasting the treble of five because doing so would give a better end result, but said it would be possible to retain it if required - no specific reason is given, but at no point is it stated that it's cracked, and I think it would if this was the case.
Given that its note is given on the bell details chart as B, and the keynote of the ring is F, I think it is a reasonable assumption that the foundry were reluctant to use it because it was flat.
Hope this is now clear.

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