[Bell Historians] Eastry 'Sanctus' bell - Print Copyright

Richard Offen richard.offen at HUP9U0plU0SvKXsLBZVvWw1nXp_-_DVYXUDm9UPJAHcrW9EDqaFIWyyO4AOUM2EEtPz8_UvBTs13psMfptg5e5KpYg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jul 24 14:27:35 BST 2007

> Does Dr Baron want people to help him in his researches or not? If he
> does, this sort of attitude isn't likely to encourage anyone to 
> Email attachments aren't stored in the message archive, so it won't be
> there anyway. It never was 'on the web' as such - this is a private
> email list, and the only people who will have seen it are members of
> this list who received it as an email attachment.
> David

David Cawley specifically requested, "...and for no further 
correspondence on the matter on the List."



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