[Bell Historians] Eastry 'Sanctus' bell - Print Copyright

Richard Offen richard.offen at vX5fTnLG1PavlrJAL7yeZxvJqPwEX8QYgN0yLd7GVv9NzmkKnS0UgYKYvxr9k2hhf5lzTy08sVIrgGsRls3cHUM3oyc0.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jul 25 00:08:53 BST 2007

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "David Bryant" 
<David.Bryant at ...> wrote:
> "David Cawley specifically requested, "...and for no further
> correspondence on the matter on the List.""
> Richard, please note that I am the moderator of this list, not you, 
> it isn't up to you to say what is and isn't allowed.
> David

I'm perfectly well aware of who is moderator of this list.   I was 
merely quoting what DAVID had requested, which I feel should have 
been respected.

I would add, however, that I entirely agree with your sentiments on 
the matter!



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