[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

David Bryant David.Bryant at v4P-TzNgYfXWuGuExONfW9z86NqJC5Uq7WyscDXCEIyAfeMjG-mtFDwmE3zwnucL3yOyAG_8jzPtTDUa7c3yjA.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jul 27 16:41:30 BST 2007

"We will now all see just how fair your Moderator is and I challenge him
to publish my email, in full, on the Bell Historians' Web-Site."
Well, there you are Dr Baron - it's appeared on the list.
Clearly you misunderstand the nature of the bell historian community.
People are pretty much always willing to freely share their research,
and I can confidently say that if I asked any of the leading historians
on here for permission to publish a photo or drawing of theirs (with
attribution, of course) they would give their permission. There is no
money in publishing bell related research, and if you break even you've
done well! People do it because it's their hobby, not because they want
to make money out of it.
I find your attitude towards Dave Cawley to be absolutely appalling. He
is one of the most knowledgeable bell historians in the country, and is
always ready to freely share his expertise and knowledge with others,
and to encourage those new to the field. He was clearly only doing as he
usually does and trying to help you in your researches, and you repay
him with this ignorant tirade. I've never banned anyone from this list,
but unless you make a full apology to Dave on this list you are going to
be the first person to be banned, Dr Baron. On this list, we work on the
basis of encouraging and helping each other out with our shared
interest. We do not launch petty attacks on people who have only tried
to help. As a result of your behaviour, I would be very surprised if
anyone helps you in your research. I do not have any relevant
information myself, but if I did I certainly wouldn't be sharing it with
you - and this goes against the grain as I'm usually more than happy to
share any information which I have.
I look forward to seeing your apology to Dave Cawley. If it doesn't
materialise, they you're out.
David Bryant
List Moderator
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