[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

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Fri Jul 27 19:12:36 BST 2007

Like John Camp I hope that Dr Baron doesn't get kicked off off the list.
But I think David Bryant is absolutely right is saying that he has
misunderstood what it is for.  If he really thinks that bell historians
don't like putting their researches on the web where everyone can see them,
perhaps he should have a look at Dickon Love's excellent and very detailed
surveys of Kent and the City of London?  Or the work done by John Greenhough
and others on the Manchester Diocese?

Surely the most interesting thing about the bell at Eastry is to find out
who made it, where, and when.  The best way of doing that is to circulate
details of the inscription and the other decorative detail and see if anyone
knows of anything similar.  He might find he had a great deal more to put in
his book afterwards.

Peter Rivet

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