[Bell Historians] Response from Dr. Mike Baron to recent 'List' emails re Eastry 'Sanctus' Bell.

David Bryant davidbryant at ODuU_Atcp4OF5UhLlPU4M0OmqH2ne6oNTcSRFHgT442WN36Ea2tOIzdM_hfWLqZ4ngB-UDsPPFHDQXwdXjgFSsn_2A.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jul 27 23:59:36 BST 2007

>  Mark Humphreys.

I know you bear a grudge against me, Alan, but you could at least get 
your facts right. Mark was moderated for a few weeks -  he was never 
banned, and neither has anyone else ever been.



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