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There are only two bellfoundries operating in the USA today. 
(Actually, one might say "1.01"!)

Meeks, Watson & Co., Georgetown, Ohio (east of Cincinnati) make 
excellent single bells, peals, chimes and carillons, though the 
largest bell they can cast is only about a ton weight.  (For larger 
bells, they subcontract to Whitechapel.)  For more information:
This company also has the capability of tuning old bells.

The Verdin Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, have a truck-mounted foundry 
which they built for an Ohio Bicentennial project.  It can cast 
single bells of about 250 pounds, usually for ceremonial purposes. 
All other bells which Verdin installs (singles, peals, chimes, 
carillons) are subcontracted to the Dutch bellfoundry of Petit & 

The old American bellfoundry of McShane (Baltimore, MD) does not 
actually cast bells any more, but only does maintenance work.  In 
recent years they have been subcontracting new bells to Taylor of 

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>excellent bell makers here in the us
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