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Following a recent visit to Fen Ditton, here is the information I have gathered so far. I would be grateful for any corrections and/or additions!
  According to the information displayed in the tower, and from local ringers, the previous ring of 5 with wooden frame was replaced in 1982 with a ring of 8 in a metal frame, installed by John Gipson.
  The ring of 8 were a chime at St. James, Oldham, cast by Gillett & Johnston 1930. In 1991, Eayre & Smith replaced the 2 trebles with Eijsbouts bells.
  I have seen at least two different sets of weights for the G&J bells, and no weights at all for the Eijsbouts bells. Does anyone have the correct details?
  There were 2 semitone bells in the chime at Oldham. I gather the flat 2nd is still there; what happened to the flat 5th?
  Apparently, of the 2 trebles replaced in 1991, the treble went to the RC church at Ribchester, the 2nd to St. Mary's Anglican Girl's School, Karrinyup, Perth, Australia. 
  Was the pre-1982 ring of 5 scrapped or relocated? I gather that this ring was installed after the tower was rebuilt in 1881. Is there any information about these bells at all?
  Apparently the 5 pre-1881 bells were in storage before or during the rebuilding of the tower, and 4 of them were destroyed by fire. The surviving bell, by William Halsey 1623, is listed by Raven as the treble of 5, and is preserved on the floor at the base of the tower.
  Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

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