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The late Richard Stevens visited in 2003, and he gave me (via a third party) the following comments:

The bells at St Kew were originally a ring of six by John Rudhall of Gloucester, dated 1818. Various recastings have taken place, as follows -
1.      Tenor recast by C & G Mears - 1845 [since recast again by Taylor 1931]
2.      Third recast by Mears & Stainbank - 1869
3.      4th & 5th recast by Llewellins & James - 1904
4.      Tenor recast by John Taylor - 1931.
The bells have no canons, and are hung on wooden headstocks in the metal frame supplied by Llewellins & James in 1904

Can't vouch for it 100%, but this looks reasonable to me. Can confirm the M&S recasting of the third in 1869. In addition, John Rudhall recast the tenor in 1831 - but this is now only of historical interest since the bell has been recast twice more since then


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  Thanks to all for the information so far re Fen Ditton.

  Does anyone know for sure the details of the bells at St. Kew, Cornwall?

  Dove Online and the National Bells Register have the 3rd as C & G Mears 1845 and the 4th & 5th as John Rudhall 1818.

  Andrew Bull's Cornwall list has the 3rd as Mears & Stainbank 1869 and the 4th & 5th as Llewellins & James 1904.

  Which version is correct?

  I notice that Dunkin listed the then 3rd as M&S 1869 and the then tenor as CGM 1845.

  A brief history of the bells here would also be very welcome, if anyone has the details.


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