[Bell Historians] Rudhalls in Kent.

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No Rudhall bells in Kent. The nearest now must be St.George's, Borough High Street, Southwark, unless any of the Rudhalls' Sussex jobs are east of that.

Have fairly recently completed putting details of all known Rudhall bells past and present - correlated against the catalogues of 1705, 1715, 1751, 1788 and 1804 - into a spreadsheet. Did all this on paper some 25-30 years ago, but putting it on the computer has enabled me to update it and also do a better analysis. The spreadsheet produces figures by date of casting and also by historic county, and can be sorted and edited to produce lists of various types

Intend to use some of this information in the book on Swan Bells (i.e. the old Rudhall bells from St.Martin in the Fields) shortly, and have longer-term plans for a comparative account of the work of certain key founders against "national output" in the C18th and C19th. Although I have spreadsheet lists for many of the founders of this period (including Whitechapel!) there's still more work to do on some of the provincial founders before the "big picture" can be fully assessed.  On the face of it, a statistical account of bellfounding from 1700 to 1900 may not sound that appetizing - but the results and findings are often quite surprising!

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