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Fri May 4 23:45:35 BST 2007

Hello Chimers/Ringers/Carilloneurs in Ireland,
I am visiting Ireland for the first time, arriving on Thursday, 17 May at  
6:55 AM. in Dublin...
Friends, most notably Carilloneur George Matthew Jr. of the United States  
have urged me to make this unusual request.  They have all said that it is  MY 
I am the gent who started ALLCHIMES.ORG, have climbed about 300   towers, 
containing most known configurations of bells and tubes,  but concentrating on  
chime towers, taking pictures or videos, playing  the instruments when 
practical and reporting about them on the  website.  Every tower is a joy, regardless 
of the conditions  encountered.  When visitors come near Troy, NY, the homes 
of the  Meneely and Jones bell foundries, I always attempt to give them a tour 
that  fulfills their desires. 
I booked this one extra day before my guided tour starts, hoping that  
someone might help me visit as many chimes as possible on the day I arrive  in 
Dublin.  I will arrive on 17 May on Continental flight #22 at 6:55  AM. and will 
stay at the Burlington Hotel.  If someone would pick me up at  either place and 
visit as many chimes in the Dublin area as practical, I would  be very much 
appreciative.  I would rather visit chimes than eat or  sleep..
The Dublin chimes listed in Dove are at National Cathedral of St. Patrick,  
St. Bartholomew, St. Paul (Arran Quay) and St. Paul's Retreat (Mount  Argus).  
If it further helps my cause, both my Father and I have rung for  many years 
at St. Patrick's in Troy, NY, USA.  
Visiting them is most important.  Condition or ringability is  of no 
Hope that you or someone you may know will be willing and able to  
accommodate me,  
Joe Connors,     tower chime  historian      _WWW.ALLCHIMES.ORG_ 
(     _ALLCHIMES at (mailto:ALLCHIMES at  

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