Hey good news!

Helen McG cyclestech13 at U0jcii7NhfXNvH8Guqzpv_WIEJCInAdkCoiMyIxAhdzO9uWFCfrOPQgYuZ244-0cKqpWRCYSCTAzwTw5.yahoo.invalid
Sun May 6 00:58:37 BST 2007

They are giving away a 2007- 2008 membership to cycles magazine at
http://techsignal.com/register.htm In addition, I'm told that if you
registered for the 2006- 2007 membership that they are extending it and
you don't have to re-register.

Ahhh...imagining that irresistible "new car" smell?
 Check outnew cars at Yahoo! Autos.           
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