[Bell Historians] St. Breward, Cornwall

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> JT inspection of 1934 confirms that the tenor IS Warner 1885, treble date
> is given as 1875 though. The bells were subsequently rehung by another
> company (unspecified in correspondence) in 1936 ish.
The info. I have, which derives from a visit in 1968 and from contemporary
issues of RW and Bell News, is as follows.

The (broken) Pennington tenor was replaced by a treble in 1875.
A new tenor was added by Warner in 1885 and the bells were rehung in a new
frame by Stokes.
New frame again by G & J in 1936.
Bells rehung by M & S in 1947:  I mightn't have believed Cannon here but it
is confirmed in a RW in 1948.  Curious.



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