[Bell Historians] Fen Ditton

Philip Denton philip_denton at eDxpuVWFA1WWiooQO0TJ_sZLBs_ZwwPa3U06RisVJphRtJnF7b5kWXi_jeTEbVdUNSQ3eZ8cdj9Rw-D5a8qJS6DkkuU.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 8 16:56:13 BST 2007

Thanks for this and the other responses to my recent enquiries - much appreciated!

Andrew Higson <andrew-higson at hmqElEMaF-9Ek-itb7RNlh5exfxWpA3NB2nJTSqIWdg0YWIjB9bGvyPv5nBd-ySep6q5yoHTKwiBjRlahhMdBB8Jpj-j.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
              Eijsbouts have given me the accurate weights of the trebles – 3-0-3 and 3-0-17.
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