[Bell Historians] Kilmersdon, Somerset

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> I've added the JT info to the Dove entry - Fidler gives the date of the 5th
> as 1703. I've also put in my estimates of the weights.
> The bells didn't come to the foundry - they are on L&J timber fittings

Yes.  Similar sort of situation to Chiseldon, Wilts.

> and
> it wasn't deemed necessary to bring them into the works.
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> Have very little on Kilmersdon, except that:
> * Yes - the fifth is by Abraham Rudhall I, 1705. It's first mentioned in
> the 1715 Rudhall catalogue

I too recorded the date on the 5th as 1705.

> * Taylors rehung the bells in a new cast iron frame on Iroko beams in 1955
> - presumably the bells themselves were not taken away from the church


> * I don't have any record of diameters

Nor have I:  2001 visit was somewhat hurried.  George Massey will have them
I am sure.


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