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According to the list of bells cast by the Bilbies published in John Scott's
Devon book, the fifth was one of the few bells cast at Chewstoke by Joseph
Badman. The list confirms the founder of the fourth as given. The list of
bells by the Penningtons in the same publication does not list the second or
third, so I cannot shed any further light on this. The list of bells by the
Purdues in Chris Dalton's Dorset gives the tenor as 165? (last digit
mutilated) by William Purdue III. The scrapping weights in 1913 were
10-1-14, 11-3-0, 13-1-0, 16-1-16, 19-1-23, 27-2-16.


Andrew Bull



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I'm trying to sort out the information I gathered during last Monday's
Somerset open day. Thanks for the responses to questions so far!


 Re Chewton Mendip:


Presumably the present superb ring has been re-hung since 1913. If so, who
by and when?


There seem to be conflicting accounts of the details of the pre-1913 bells.
Is there a definitive version? The old notice at the base of the tower gives
the following:


1. T. Mears, 1825

2. Thomas Pennington, 1627

3. Thomas Pennington, 1627

4. Thomas Bilbie, 1753

5. Thomas Bilbie, 1725 (the 5 reversed)

6. Inscription mutilated - no founder or date given



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