[Bell Historians] Ebay postcards

Barry Pickup jbpickup at c6YHfJvvbp-lXkTFDdlckeGVKCAOH2eSFaQ3bAKf3rbUE-vWTewImEBzOmZEApNsynUkDW_Fu83zrg.yahoo.invalid
Wed May 23 18:16:15 BST 2007

--- Sue Marsden <erincaters at mBdryUYzLITw_ZwQcrLW81Gq280rcEEtuJn1qMbFLVJEjOfJigRQgJFa1iyK5dcJz0atMv3NUs2hxg7kBd1rFQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> It this Bellringers Gotch still at Beccles?

Yes. It is on display in a case in the ringing
chamber. It is no longer used as it is now not
beertight (and also rather dirty inside)!


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