[Bell Historians] St Nicholas, Cork - Bells.

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Sam wrote:-
> Out of  interest, what has the CC Redundant Bells Committee done in 
the last  
> decade?

Why not read the CC supplement that shows involvement in several 
schemes in the last year.

> Well - it's 11 years since I started my company & as yet, I  
haven't had one 
> dealing with the RBC.

> Maybe the RBC could rescue the Cork bells from the melting pot. 

Have you contacted them?

Jane Wilkinson is the Chairman  cfrbchairman at XKL2x8LsK6nTVyZUY-gpmk0OePNzV86sZMB0AJxcBgaCODORe1n97augvEwCXZh4Ob1jEbcG5pxRkzo4dTNNs69Dk1E.yahoo.invalid



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