[Bell Historians] St Nicholas, Cork - Bells.

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> > A pity Nafferton is sorted as it sounds as though they will be 
available at an economical 
> price if a home can be found.
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> A possible home could be Warter Heritage Centre, East Yorkshire as 
they have shown a bit 
> of interest in a set of bells - but having problems contacting 
anyone there at the moment 
> as the trustees seem to have vanished!
> I will speak to Alan and see if we can get hold of anyone and see 
if they are still interested 
> in installing a set of bells.
> Matthew

       No it is not. The Trustees have now a shortage of available 
funds and that is now not going to change for the forseable future. 
Though some of the trustees expresed an interest in aquiring St 
Minver some 12 months ago, times have changed. I last talked to a 
Trustee nearly two weeks ago, and at the last meeting, bells were put 
to the bottom of the list of prioroties.

      Also remember that you have aqquired (subject to faculty) a 
ring of bells with modern fittings at a bargain price- the cost of 
aquiring the eight is going to be more than you have paid for the St 
Minver bells including fittings. There is NO chance of them going to 
Warter, due to the finances there.

           However, if someone can offer a no risk, interest free 
loan for a period of three to five years to purchase the bells, I 
will try and talk the Trust into aquiring them at Warter, subject to 
a satisfactory structural survey of the tower.




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