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When this book first came out I asked on the list if there was any truth in
the story (which I have seen in print somewhere, and which was one of the
reasons I bought the book) that the Warner bell had to be broken up (with
the over-weight clock hammer) because it was too big to get up the clock
weight shaft. There were no replies - perhaps it was a silly question -  but
does anyone have the dimensions of the two bells and the shaft to either
confirm this story or leave it not proven? 
John David

According to Peter Ferriday's biography of Lord Grimthorpe 'the cracked bell
was lowered from its frame to the ground.  On the 17th of the month at 11.30
in the morning a ball of iron weighing 24 cwt was dropped on it from a
frame-work thirty feet up.  The chief mourners at this rite were Mr Denison
Q.C. and the Rev Mr Taylor.'  It took two days to break up the bell and 'The
Times' reported that 'the pieces showed speckiness throughout'.  This
incensed Warner who informed the editor and Denison wrote to Warners saying
'the bell as cast by you was perfectly sound and good as far as composition
is concerned'.



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