[Bell Historians] most transferred bell?

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at PPP-Sl_5bwh7EtUg2G2rOp3uBSvmoYUYeqOFpnU_vPUIkw7UJJikQBJkFHS90Pz47S2hxy5BSzG1lM0xWTUJWa8WpJGlgqnRL_U.yahoo.invalid
Fri Nov 9 15:49:46 GMT 2007

Here's one that pushes the record a bit further

1. Ten bells at St.Dionis Backchurch, London in 1726 (treble recast 1732); 2. transferred as a ring to All Hallows Lombard Street in 1878; 3. again transferred as a ring to Twickenham in 1950; 4. trebles (replaced in 1988) sold on for installation at Windsor but not yet installed (anyone know what is or isn't happening?)

Definitely a "Friday afternoon" thread, this one!


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