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Sat Nov 10 10:27:52 GMT 2007

I have been reading about bells that have had more than one home.  In the space of 143 years St. Mary's Cathedral Sydney has had three new peals.  

The first peal of 8 bells arrived in 1843 and was housed first in a campanile and then in 1868 in a tower at the front of the Cathedral.  The second octave, also cast by Whitechapel, was installed first in the then existing tower and in the new central tower in 1899.

The new peal of 12+2 in 1986 went into the central tower and there, I hope, they shall remaain.

The first peal was traded in on the second one.  Seven of the second peal form part of the 12+1 peal (Nos. 5-11) installed in St. Francis Xavier Carhedral, Adelaide , South Australia.  The old tenor now hangs in one of the recently
(2000) - spired end towers of the Sydney Cathedral.   John Cummins.
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