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Neil is quite correct. The original foundry was off 2 Jewin Crescent, but with the development of bell founding the site in Spitalfields was developed c1870-80 and remained in their hands on the Spelman Street site facing Booth Street and Heneage Street which ran west to Brick Lane. The east side faced over High Street Spitalfields. Both were badly damaged in WW2 and the sites cleared.
There were of course other Warner foundries or works at Tendring in Essex (where Robert Warner lived, at the Manor) and Stockton-on-Tees, birthplace of Big Ben I.

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  Dennis. You asked me this question outside St Lawrence Jewry - Jewin Crescent, Cripplegate. What I didn't say was that later the foundry moved to Spelman Street, Spitalfields. I think that they kept the Jewin Crescent address as the registered office.  Their Telegraphic address was "Big Ben, London', and that was in their catalogue for 1900 - well after the Big Ben debacle!

  That's a quick answer but doubtless others will want to say more?

  Neil Skelton.
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    I was asking around at the C.Y. dinner last week, but no one I spoke to knew where John Warner's London foundry was situated.  A Google search on his name came up with nothing.  Someone must know?
    Dennis Powney.

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