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Like - I think I may have told this one before - the outside loo cistern in
the former Rectory at Rugby. Standing facing the receptacle, one saw an
ancient cistern inscribed with the Royal Arms, and JOHN WARNER & SONS LTD/
SANITARY ENGINEERS / BY APPOINTMENT. Presumably the Royal Warrant referred
to was the one for the Balmoral bells. Rather less well-known is their work
(a chime of three) at Sandringham.
Sadly, the Rugby loo was replaced by a low-level suite, and the house is no
longer the Rectory.

I once saw an advert in the 'Salisbury Journal' for the Devizes founder
James Borough.  Church bells were not mentioned, only horse bells, plus all
manner of other copper goods including taps for beer barrels.  Was there any
founder who made a living purely by casting bells?  I would have thought for
many bells were jam rather than bread and butter.



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