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Could be because the Dean of Chichester after whom it was named, The Very Revd Walter Farquhar Hook (previously Vicar of Leeds) died in 1875 (b 1798)


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  Philip Denton has thrown up an anomaly about the bourdon bell at Chichester Cathedral. For whatever reason, the bell doesn't appear in out copy book - it should be between Manchester Town Hall and St Paul's - but the correspondence does (see below). The bell has the date 1876 twice on it according to Elphick, but it is clear from the correspondence that it wasn't cast until the following year. It may be that we were instructed to do so; the commemorative inscription rightly has 1876.

  It seems to be another cast of what it says on it against when it was actually cast..........

  Copy book 40/20

  To The Rev'd W P Crawley - The Vicar's Close, Chichester    October 23rd 1876

  Rev'd Sir

  Your much esteemed favour is to hand. In reply hereto we most respectfully submit to you the estimates required as near as we can possibly give them.

  1. Estimate for one bell to weigh about 70 cwts, note B flat as £7 - 14 per cwt - £539 -0 - 0

  2. Cost of new hangings for above with wheel headstock gudgeons brasses roller stay slider clapper smithwork rope including carriage and fixing in the frame £70 - This is exclusive of framework. 

  3. A strong new oak frame with all the necessary ironwork would cost about £100 - for us to make it here including carriage and fixing in the tower. - we however think the frame might be done for less expense on the spot by your local builder under our superintendence.

  4. Cost of new hanging the present peal of eight bells with new wheels, headstocks, gudgeons, brasses, rollers, stays, sliders, ropes, clappers and smithwork fitted to bells and fixed complete in the tower including carriage £120 -

  5. Cost of new oak bellframe for the above peal of eight with the necessary ironwork including carriage and fixing ion the tower £100 - exclusive of beams for the frame to stand upon.

   As way of a guide we have estimated for a new frame it being impossible to know how much of the old timbers can be used - we recommend the frame as well as the one for the big bell to be made on the spot we are sure it could be much cheaper. We would be (illegible bit) for plans for the satisfactory construction. The fixing of the framework comes within the province of a builder the beams will have to be let into the walls - we should be happy to give enough necessary instruction and to wait upon you personally for that purpose.

  Copy book 41/36

  To The Rev'd W P Crawley - The Vicar's Close, Chichester    May 22nd 1877

  Rev'd Sir

  In reply to your favour we respectfully inform you that we hope to have the big bell for Chichester Cathedral ready in about a months time. With regard to the rest of the work and estimates for do. we wrote to you on the 23rd of Oct 1876, We shall be glad to hear from you as to the proposals contained therein. The fixing of the bells is solely the work of a builder as we have stated it is out of our line to undertake it.

  Copy book 41/81

  To The Rev'd W P Crawley - The Vicar's Close, Chichester    July 10th 1877

  Rev'd Sir

  We have received your favour enclosing a note from the very Revd. The Dean - we assure you that there is no chance of a mistake in the inscription, it shall have every care - and Archdeacon Fearon has kindly promised to make a personal inspection of the mould when finished. The case is this - that directly the inscription is done the mould is closed and the bell cast - every hour it has to wait after completing the inscription stops the work of the whole foundry - nothing can be done in the place until the bell is cast - the cost of such a delay would be heavy. We would humbly and respectfully add that if, for the sake of satisfaction you are disposed to incur this expense and will telegraph to us to that effect upon receipt of this letter we will wait the examination of inscription suggested, however for our own part we think that it quite unnecessary. 

  Copy book 42/180

  To The Rev'd W P Crawley - Vicar's Close, Chichester          May 10th 1878

  Rev'd Sir

  We have the pleasure to inform you that the large bell for Chichester Cathedral has been forwarded - Weight 73 cwt

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