Mumbai bells, was Bells in Shimla

Ted Steele ted.steele at
Tue Nov 20 16:18:32 GMT 2007

I mentioned in a recent enquiry to another list that I have been looking at my old copy of Rope-Sight, 4th edition dated 
1891. This has now raised another query. John Taylor's advertisement lists various peals, among them "Bombay University Buildings, a peal of 16, weight of tenor, 49cwts". This reminded me of the recent enquiry on this list about Shimla. I have tried to find some mention of the Mumbai bells on the internet but without success. I did find mention of the bells at St John the Evangelist in Mumbai and two interesting links. These bells (8. 14cwt) were shown in Dove as being unringable due to the tower being unstable, and the fittings stored in the belfry. Does anyone know what became of them? The article in the wiki states that the bells are Taylors of 1904 and says they are regarded as the best in western India, although I imagine there may not be much competition. The other link leads to an article that suggests the writer has some limited awareness of change ringing, but whether this is significant is impossible to say. This article appears to be the main source for the wiki entry. 
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