half-pull ringing

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Wed Nov 21 14:36:26 GMT 2007

Richard Offen writes: 

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> wrote:
>> I can remember ringing Double Stedman Doubles many years ago where 
> every single place was rung twice and every double place was rung four 
> times.  Half turns were whole pulls and whole turns comprised four 
> blows at lead, two blows in seconds place and then another four blows 
> at lead.  In hunting in and out every place was a whole pull and of 
> course double up for everything in 5ths.  John Cummins
> That's called Orpheus Doubles and is rung quite regularly in the UK - 
> I've even rung a quarter peal of it! 
> R 
I thought Orpheus Doubles had dodging at the back rather than whole pulls.


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