Neustadt an der Weinstrasse

Bill Hibbert bill at
Fri Nov 23 20:48:53 GMT 2007


> Alan Blairs list of big bells mentions this large steel bell, cast 
1949, about 118" diameter. Has anyone seen it, or got a photo, or 

I referred to this bell in my message to this list 'German Steel 
Bells' posted on 24/6/07. What I said was:

I have just obtained a recording of the largest of the seven steel
bells at Neustadt an der Weinstra├če. At about 14,000kg it is the 
heaviest bell in Germany and reputedly the heaviest steel bell in the
world. It was cast by Bochumer in 1949 and is true-harmonic. I have 
the recording up on the net at . I think
it is a beauty - I hope they keep it painted.

Enjoy the recording! You can get details of the bells by 
googling 'stiftskirche ruprecht' and picking the German Wikipedia 

If you go to youtube, you can get lots more about German steel bells 
by searching for 'stahlglocke'. He is a youtube user who videos these 
things. My favourites (apart from the Neustadt bell) are the steel 
bells at Paderborn.

Bill H


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