[Bell Historians] Re: St Paul's buckets

David Bryant davidbryant at 8T_Wu5xGQMYtbmNI4_w_bH85sVv1wmddnW4YF5vkRKyj5qUnQtE0nv2nrBBcCwGz4ZsY-SW6wUL6Ylq2pcrM1twJKJk.yahoo.invalid
Mon Oct 1 08:31:38 BST 2007

"If a mistake was made at St Paul's, it was by Lord Grimthorpe who 
designed the ring!"

But he didn't! He wanted Taylor's to cast them on a thick scale, like the
old Worcester ring, but they went ahead and cast them to what we would now
consider to be sensible proportions - with a tenor of 3 tons in Bb. There
was some dispute between Grimthorpe and the Taylors as a result.



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