Holme Cultram, Cumbria

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Mon Oct 1 11:37:16 BST 2007

The important dated bell from here has arrived at Taylors for restoration,
the church having been burnt in 2006.
It is dated 1462, not 1465 as reported by Walters in CBE etc. The full
inscription reads:
[+] ihc [stop] thomas [stop] york [stop] abbas [stop] de [stop]  holm [stop]
cV [stop] dominio [stop] anno dni [stop] millo [diamond stop] cccco [diamond
stop] lxiio
The o's at the end of millo , cccco & lxiio are superscript.
The diameter is 20.93" & it weighs 1.3.8. The canons have long been removed.
The stop and lettering seem to be unique.
The bell is very important as there are so few dated bells between 1450 &
1500 (this bell, Salhouse, Grimley & Durham castle are the only ones to
survive, a few, now recast are known).
Photographs should be posted on the photos section soon.
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