[Bell Historians] Rope tricks?

Richard Offen richard.offen at q8jhk_M8KhWND97XU03MJA0r-N8BN6ERhx0pxPvBiZm4fif4r1AIIBpjuR2oEP9S4WI6iLWy59Wns18w5LY3t30KkKw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 9 16:11:27 BST 2007

> And a good one too, to which we responded in the same spirit.
> Thanks for your concern but there is no need to worry about us.

Glad to hear that ...as long as you're all OK up there in the chilly 

I shall await with interest Mr Camps interpretation of our rope debate 
in next week's Ringing World!



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