A couple of questions

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> > I have used my new Bell News DVD (excellent) to look up the 
> activities of
> > the ringers at St Mary's Low Harrogate. 
> I didn't know it was now available.   Has it been advertised?
> R

do wake up at the back there ;-)

Paul Johnson <pckmj at GESUfPanzNgle_jQ0lL4G7MpOj12LPcatb_Wtrg8PSekmrXnCSrRNIz1WTiWvPRw98xpHqZNN8cJuKPBqVo.yahoo.invalid>  to change-ringers 
12 Oct  

The long awaited DVD containing all issues of Bell News, together with
Cyril Wratten's comprehensive index, is now available.

Details can be found at

Paul Johnson
CC Library Committee 


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