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A line for Andrew. 

If you'd like to get in touch off-line (dave at 5-jbjUXqOqSn5Jvy50SCJaKHdswdG2qkrqDarRjlYBdvuPaPXxsUJCfFzCwlvAIz3Sy42WTy02PH2odocsmVhVo.yahoo.invalid ) (0116-262 8727) I have some stuff which may help.


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  This should be fascinating; not least because the building of this magnificent church occasioned the demise of the old ring of eight and its replacement in the ample central tower by the beautiful Taylor chime.


  _[Andrew Aspland] The six bells were installed in 1866 and augmented in 1891 then were not rung after 1903.  My interest was sparked off by the (now broken) glass peal board recording the one and only peal rung in Harrogate (1902) before new bells went in at St Peters in the 1960s.  Through the Yorkshire report (from 1875 onwards) I have been able to track the membership and the members' addresses and I have photographed the houses that I could locate.  Kelly's and Robinson's directories have given me further information about the ringers' occupations and domestic circumstances.  The online 1901 Census (and earlier ones) have enabled me to trace some of their families.  But Bell News has opened a whole new avenue of information - highlights include publication of various 720s and other touches - my discovery of the Ripon and District Association - bellringers outings to and from Harrogate etc. etc.

  And now a few loose ends:
  Fred Durdy was a ringer at Everton Notts and moved to Harrogate c1895 - does the North Notts Association have more information about him - beyond that in Bell News?
  What happened to the Ripon and District Association?
  One J Fozard rang with the band from 1895 to 1900 - never a member of the YACR - did he previously ring elsewhere?
  One J Robnett rang in a 360 of Bob Minor by a Harrogate band in 1885 - this was not his first - has he escaped all Census returns?
  And the big one - what were the circumstances surrounding the installation of a chime in the new church?

  Anyone fancy picking up these threads?


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