[Bell Historians] Re: Big Ben

Richard Offen richard.offen at TOJy_rNc6dTxFmGE9ooOA64tqOhfsJUEuS-66p3oBcDhSMZEYF69VPO3UykzSRHNiz6Paheonslomv9YjakB9LOiYxY.yahoo.invalid
Wed Oct 31 14:59:05 GMT 2007

> Yes, I discovered it in Borders Bookshop and commented on here at the 
time –
> it's the only bell related book I've ever come across in a general 
> David 

What about the Shire publications, Discovering Bells and Bellringing, 
Bell Founding and Handbells?   They're in most bookshops, but I agree, 
not usually anything other than those.



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