[Bell Historians] Re: All Souls, Bolton

Simon Bond yahoo at Vzd47yZQL0PVPypbf-A_GgvHQs1HJFgtOOZLz0SSBbAnxPQc5R3OW_-iKyTrXF-7pHpPaSyXBY_cmX-YIymkRdOY.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 12 18:37:02 BST 2007

> Are these bells still rung regularly and looked after,
> or is this church and bells going the same way as
> Hanley with access to anyone who wants to get in
> and cause damage/start a fire?
> Mat

I rang here in 2005 for a visit by CCT trustees. A rope broke during the 
visit and the bell chamber contained a number of dead pigeons but the bells 
were otherwise in a ringable condition. Gordon Birks is responsible for the 
tower but I don't believe the bells are rung many times a year.



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