[Bell Historians] Re: All Souls, Bolton

David Bryant davidbryant at WOYNqQK8z8RFH3l5ivm7QJ8qPz5T_q9fYlq7WOYytAZSDlMbJZbQhPUdI_SPVK7gKB3fhUrvTqxo7-HG3zPwBw.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 12 19:17:33 BST 2007

"Are these bells still rung regularly and looked after, or is this church 
and bells going the
same way as Hanley with access to anyone who wants to get in and cause 
damage/start a

It's a CCT Church so yes, it is looked after. It's by local architects Paley 
& Austin - who produced a number of fine churches in the north. The Saviour, 
Bolton, was another of theirs - from pictures it was very similar to All 
Souls: it was demolished several decades ago and the bells now form the back 
eight of the twelve in Bolton.

There have been a number of rings of bells lost in Bolton in the C20 - Holy 
Trinity's eight are now the back eight at Preston; St George's bells (also 
eight) are now at Wangaratta Cathedral in Australia.

Does anyone know anything about the six from St Bartholomew? I believe they 
were scrapped.



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