[Bell Historians] St Peter's Church, Whitstable.

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14" diameter 0-2-14 in G. It was hung dead on a beam between the Lady Chapel and the Chancel. Only the date, 1937, and the Whitechapel Foundry mark. See Kent.Lovesguide under single bells where there is also a rather distant photograph of bell, me, friend and dog taken 50 years ago!

Jim may like to convey the bell information to Reg. What a shame; the bell was given as a memorial (as was the much larger and more recent service bell).

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  The Sacring bell of St Peter's , Whitstable has been stolen. Church
  Warden Reg Spillett realised the bell was missing when its rope was to be
  attached on Friday August 17. Police suspect the bell was stolen to be
  sold for its metal value.

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