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> > I think the role of DACs is changing and that did not really come 
> through.
> > DACs seem to want to work much more closely with PCCs from the outset 
> of a
> > project and this does involve informal advice, talking about the
> > technicalities and coming up with solutions.  What is the point in
> > continually saying some proposal or other is not suitable if you don't
> > actually come up with something suitable?

This is how our bells advisor likes to work. He likes to be involved from the planning 
stages of the project, advising on whether he thinks the plans are suitable for the tower 
right up to the completed installation. He has advised us on who to contact for quotes for 
the bell work, joinery work, clocks, lighting, health and safety (minimum width of staircase 
to ringing gallery etc.), sound control and many other points that the PCC would never 
have thought of.



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