[Bell Historians] Perspectives

Anne Willis zen16073 at VzEsNBOpB9CuX9h_NqqZcixVDhABGq7oz774E62avtmLnS8LQLFleALUcmfLnWfu5N6sAMAXw14.yahoo.invalid
Wed Sep 19 15:24:49 BST 2007

SDGR web site.
It looks pretty but has little direct information
Ours is not the best web sight but at least you can look up a tower and know
immediately who to contact if you want to know if having found a free
evening, weather the various towers listed as ringing will be so doing.
Try that on the SDGR and you just cant do it.
SDGR have an anonymous contact system which may or may not work. our site
has data protection act cleared contacts for most churches.
You cannot get a list of all tower that practice on a particular night
either without a lot of fiddling or on one page.
There is not a single direct contact so you cannot use the site for ANY
quick checks.
Probably the most useless association sites on the web for any instant
No diary of events, just association events and some do not even have times.
Have a look at the HCA site.
Not the best out there but at least it tries to be helpful

I will forward your comments to the webmaster, but may I point out that:

there's a diary of events on the right hand side and a noticeboard facility
to click on.

practice nights are listed under every branch by day of the week.  No
fiddling required.

I cannot speak for other branches, but I try to answer any queries about the
Devizes branch as soon as I can.  The Sussex CA site is another with
anonymous contacts, which I think is preferable.

Nice site the HCA, but, as I said, I prefer anonymous contacts.

And as this isn't really bell history, I'll stop here.



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