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> The  real question is were the bells really worth  saving?
> These were actually pretty good. Certainly no worse than the Mears 
8  which 
> we currently have in our works from Highgate, and had similar (if 
a  little 
> better) tonal structure. It is a pitty that the St Pat's Melbourne 
ring  were not 
> retuned when they were rehung - I am sure they would have improved  
> drastically. I personally feel that it was a shame that such a rare 
ring could  not be 
> preserved, but sadly I am forced to look at it from a business, 
rather  than 
> heritage point of view!

I don't think anyone should blame you Matt for what has to be a 
business decision on your part.   I still remain unconvinced however 
that the ring would actually end up being all that good even after 
tuning, but that is a purely subjective opinion.

What is more important is the need to prioritise the use of what 
funds are availble, and I must admit I wouldn't give an inferior 
(only my opinion I know)Murphy eight a particularly high priority, 
especially as there are others about ...it has to be said I also 
wouldn't give a ninteenth century Mears ring much of a priority 




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