Weymouth Bell

Ted Steele ted.steele at U8HQCBHSq7tEp6iG2lyjM4rNN7ePRw_d4R3kTcqT0MwxpmWVjM2ADwIkmDmh5FQYU_LwSIJ_ZGA6jQ.yahoo.invalid
Sun Apr 20 15:17:59 BST 2008

I visited Weymouth museum last week and saw a bell on display. The 
Exhibits Manager advised me that it had been in the museum's possession 
for some time but had only been displayed for the past week; even so it 
lacked any form of description or labeling whatsoever. He thought that 
it may have come from one of the Weymouth churches, possibly St. 
Nicholas but could not be sure. This actually seems unlikely. Some 
pictures of the bell are here.

The bell is embossed with "R * P" where * is apparently a bell like 
symbol, and the date "ANNO ! DOMINI ! 1633 !" Where * are lozenge shaped 
stops.The initial A is formed like the Greek Alpha and the double N is 
made into a single character with the central vertical stroke common to 
both. Following the founder's initials there is a symbol that I can best 
describe as four chevrons or V  shaped characters arranged with the 
points innermost to form a starburst like shape.

I would be interested to here of anything that list members can add to 
the details. I have found out about this bell.


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