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Jim was kind enough to find and send me the following information on a
number of churches in the Central London area.

It includes the church that David hadn’t heard of. So I copy it to the list
in case others might find the information of interest.




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Subject: [Lon] Westminster Churches [inc.St.John the Baptist, Pimlico Road] 
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:49:51 +0100 
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Hi Patricia,
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Subject: [Lon] St.John the Baptist, Pimlico Road> Would be grateful if
anyone knows whether this Church still exists.> Best wishes,> Patricia.

I fear it is no longer in use, tho' the building may have found another use.
It is probably the chapel shown on the north side of Pimlico Road on the
Godfrey Maps. I suspect it was either a chapel of ease to St. Barnabas
(which is still in use) or a proprietary chapel in the parish. Westnminster
City Archives should have the answer.
If your info comes from a Baptism or marriage entry, it would be helpful to
know date and the full description of the church as recorded therein. I do
not think it was ever a separate parish.
Below is my list which may help if you have Westminster interests.
This list is a little updated! as always, I am grateful for corrections.
Here is a list of all the Anglican churches of Westminster in 1890, with
dates of the parish formation if known.
Original registers if not still with church are mostly deposited in the
Westminster City Archives in St.Anne Street, but some and BTs are in the
I've tried to comment about their
IGI status, but if you go to www.familysearch.org and Browse > Browse
Library Catalogue > Placename Search [enter Westminster and select
Westminster, Middlesex] > Church Records and Church Records-Indexes, you
will see a list of all the LDS film holdings.
Batch numbers are at this site
Some churches may appear on the BVRI rather than the IGI.
If on the IGI or BVRI then the LDS has a film of the registers.[which may
not be complete]. For locations see street and map sites list at end.
The City of Westminster, seat of national government since before the
Conquest in 1066, has a chequered history of local government. Besides
conventional ecclesiastical parishes which became convenient units of local
administration (civil parishes and vestries), there were a number of
liberties, peculiars and extra-parochial places. Also the bondary went to
within a few hundred yards of the parish church of neighbouring Kensington.
In 1890 Westminster became part of the new County of London, and in 1900
the parishes below part of the the City Of Westminster ( a Metropolitan
Borough). When London Boroughs were formed in 1964, Paddington and
Marylebone were added to the City of Westminster.
In this list the first church in each group is the parent parish. You will
see that for the most part only these were in existence in 1812.

Bloomsbury, St George, Hart Street W.C. [1730]
Bloomsbury, Christ Church, Woburn Square,Chapel-of-Ease to above
Bloomsbury, French Anglican Church, St.John La Savoy, Bloomsbury Street,

St.Giles-in-the-Fields [1547] -- NOT in IGI, poss.NO LDS Film - Still open
Seven Dials Mission, Temporary Church, West Street
Christ Church, Endell Street, W.C. Chapel-of-Ease
Holy Trinity, Lincoln's Inn Fields, Little Queen Street, W.C. [1829?]
Temporary Church, Sardinia Street [in previous parish]

St.George's Hanover Square [1725- out of St.Martin-in-the-Fields] NOT in
IGI, NO LDS film - Still open
St.Mary, Bourdon Street. Chapel-of-Ease to above
Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street [1730] - Still open
Berkeley Chapel, John Street, Berkeley Square, Mayfair. Proprietary Chapel
Christ Church, Down Street, Mayfair [1865]
Curzon Chapel, Curzon Street, Mayfair. Proprietary Chapel. Successor to the
Mayfair Chapel, the marriage shop of the infamous Dr.Keith who defied
church and state authority, with his asistants conducting 7.000+ marriages
c.1730 until activities stopped by Hardwicke's Marriage Act of 1754. Oddly
enough, the registers were well-kept and went to the parish church
(St.George's Hanover Square), and the Bishop's Transcripts to the diocesan
Eaton Chapel, Eaton Terrace. Proprietary Chapel. [1836?] closed 1901??
Hanover Church, Regent Street [1823]
St Barnabas, Church Street, Pimlico [1850] - Still open
St John's Chapel, Pimlico Road. Chapel-of-Ease toprevious, or proprietary
Chapel in previous parish..
St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico [1852] - Still open
All Saints, Grosvenor Road, Pimlico. Chapel-of-Ease to above - now gone.
St George, Albemarle Street, Proprietary Chapel. [1740?]
St.John, Belgrave Square. Proprietary Chapel.
St.Mark, North Audley Street.[1828] - Still standing
St.Saviour's (for Deaf and Dumb) Chapel, Oxford Street
St. Michael, Chester Square [1846] - Still open
St.Philip, Buckingham Palace Road (before 1890, now gone)
St Paul, Wilton Place [Knightsbridge] [1843] - Still open
St.Mary, Graham Street [now Bourne Street] [1909] Still open
St.Peter, Eaton Square [1827] - Still open
St.John, Wilton Road Chapel-of-Ease to above
St.Peter, Buckingham Gate Chapel-of-Ease to above [1822?] closed 1921?
St.Saviour, St George's Square, Pimlico. [1864] still open.
Trinity Chapel, Conduit Street [1691]chapel of ease, closed 1875.

St.James, Piccadilly [=St.James Westminster] [1684] ON IGI - Still open
St. John the Baptist, Great Marlborough Street
St.Luke, Berwick Street [1839]
St. Peter, Great Windmill Street.[1861] now gone, parish united to St.Anne
St.Philip, Regent Street.
St. Thomas, Regent Street [1???] now gone, parish united to St.Anne Soho

St. Margaret, Westminster [1316] - Still open
Royal Military Church, Wellington Barracks [Guards Chapel]
All Saints, Ennismore Gardens, Knightsbridge.[1849]
Christ Church, Broadway, Westminster[1843] - formerly the New
Chapel[1631]chapel of ease to St Margaret's - bombed and demolished. Parish
united to St.Peter Eaton Sq.
St.Andrew, Ashley Place, Victoria Street.Westminster demolished
St.John, Smith Square, Westminster.[1728] - Still open
Holy Trinity, Vauxhall Bridge Road Westminster
Holy Trinity, Knightsbridge [1904] - Still open
Holy Trinity, Prince Consort Road chapel-of-ease from 1658 or earlier,
separate parish from 1866 - Still open
St.James the Less, Vauxhall Bridge Road Westminster [1862] - Still open
St.Mary, Tothill Fields Westminster [1837] Closed 1923.
St.Matthew, Great Peter Street Westminster [1851] - Still open
St Stephen Rochester Row Westminster [1850] - Still open

St Anne Soho [= St.Anne, Westminster] [1686] ON IGI - Still open
St.Mary, Crown Street

St.Clement Danes [mediæval] - Still open (RAF church)
Clare Market Mission Chapel

St.Martin-in-the-Fields [1222?] ON IGI - Still open
Chapel Royal of the Savoy - peculiar. - Still open [see below]
St John, Drury Lane
St.Michael, Burleigh Street.

St.Mary-le-Strand [ mediæval ] - Still open

St.Paul, Covent Garden [1638] - Still open ("the Actors' Church)

INSTITUTIONS with Anglican chapels/chaplains:
St.George's, Hanover Square:
St.George's Workhouse; St.George's Hospitals ; St.George's Infirmary.
St.James's, Westminster:
St.James's Workhouse.
St.Margaret & St.John, Westminster:
H.M.Prison, Millbank ; Westminster Hospital ; Westminster Cemetery
(part of Brompton Cemetery) [in Chelsea parish] ; Emmanuel Hospital,
Buckingham Gate ; Chapel within the House of the Society of the Propagation
of the Gospel ; Female Refuge, 14,Great College Street, Westminster. ; House
of Correction, Westminster.
St.Martin's in the Fields:
Strand Union ; Strand Union Schools at Edmonton ; Charing Cross Hospital ;
King's College Hospital ; St.John's Training Institutiuon, Norfolk Street,
Strand ; House of Charity [Soho Square]

Westminster Abbey otherwise The Collegiate Church of St.Peter at Westminster
The Chapels Royal:
Chapel within St.James's Palace [1662] ; Chapel Royal, Whitehall ;
Lutheran or German Chapel Royal, St.James's [1712], ; The Chapel Royal,
Savoy [before 1680].
Inns of Court:
The Temple ; Lincoln's Inn [before 1695] ; Gray's Inn[before 1685] ; Rolls
Chapel, Chancery lane.
A reminder that some good sites for London Streets past and present are:
Godfrey maps, www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk
Lost and renamed streets
and www.lost-london.inuk.com

Streets today http://www.streetmap.co.uk/
and http://uk.multimap.com/map/places

Map 1827 http://www.bathspa.ac.uk/greenwood/home.html
Map 1859: http://www.ph.ucla.edu/epi/snow/1859map/map1859.html
Map 1889 http://www.umich.edu/~risotto/maxzooms/sw/swe910.html
Some City parishes http://www.londonancestor.com/maps.html

John Henley
(still catching up on masses of emails and not finding much time for -)
HILL [Staffs/Cambs/Berks]


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