[Bell Historians] Selly Oak

John Cater John at 5n87hGpKeZTUHJkxlI0Jf8AiZqW27E2eskUCPKbK2TvQEeB-zTX_7ABWNtBM4ik9mm2Mj2-kk5xT.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 4 14:46:22 GMT 2008

> The tower captain at Selly Oak is insistent that the town was in
> Warwickshire for a short period before being absorbed into Birmingham.
> ......
> I am updating my Church Bells of Warwickshire website and have come to
> S! Can anyone give me the definitive answer?

According to the Association of British Counties <www.abcounties.co.uk> 
Selly Oak is in Worcestershire.  It can't of course be in the "county" of 
Birmingham or West Midlands, as no such county exists.

John Cater 


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