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Andrew Bull a_m_bull at atWc3OL0ixtOsO7YvcA2l5xNCy0conOAWNi6P6UfrORnU2B3nEjc2sgo6GgVdN-LCRF38k__lYGwuWGs.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jan 9 19:42:03 GMT 2008

Norton's is definitely bad news. When I was an I.T. support engineer I saw
computers rendered completely useless by either the software itself, or
botched attempts to uninstall it.

I have a way of running the Bell News directly from the hard disk which is
much faster, and avoids the annoying licence acceptance screen. Anyone who'd
like to know how it's done is welcome to contact me off-list.

Andrew Bull

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Chris Pickford wrote:
> Coincidentally, I've had a problem with the DVD too. It worked okay at
> (and I'm on Windows) but the disk won't load automatically any more, and
> won't open/run from "my computer" even though the display shows that it's 
> there. Click on it and the disk spins, but nothing happens
> Any views / suggestions - off-line - would be appreciated
> CP
I find it frustrating that I have to go through the licence acceptance 
procedure every time I use the disc and also a rash of warnings from 
Norton that the programme is trying to access the internet. I don't know 
whether this is normal but it is certainly annoying. Can anyone advise?



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