[Bell Historians] Re: Big Ben

Stephen Ivin s.ivin at Bl3MmfGxypW0U-fsOEH4Ca90oPFmGV3mwoROs7oOsG8HSomeh8gYzGv0z7r6JhtB-9J2fIkNZ9xLLNnj9Nv1.yahoo.invalid
Fri Jan 18 18:16:41 GMT 2008

And what a pathetic book it is too. He even copies the Clerk of the 
Works book saying that the inscription is 'cast in letters of IRON'. 
Where do they get these ideas?

Incidentally it is often repeated that the bell is inscribed with its 
weight etc. which surely cannot be right.


> As always, one question answered and another comes up! Where did Peter
> MacDonald's statement that the bell went to Cripplegate originate?
> Anne


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